Why Does Your Dog Need a Snuffle Mat?

Your dog’s nose and brain were made to hunt, track, burrow, sniff, and snort.  Nose work and snuffling capitalises on this natural desire to sniff. Snuffle Mats are an interactive enrichment puzzle, used to help refine search and find skills along with many positive results.

Benefits may include: 

  • Encouraging attentive play

  • Mentally stimulating and boredom-busting

  • Ideal for pets on restricted exercise

  • Can be used for behaviour modification training

  • May help reduce stress

  • Use with older dogs who can’t physically manage playing with other food dispensing toys


One can use all sorts of things in a snuffle mat - for example: chopped up carrot, apple, kibble or dog treats!  










Kahlua using his So Spoiled snuffle mat! 


Use and Care:

  • Shake or run fingers through fleece to fluff up.

  • Always supervise your pet when using mat; removing the mat is recommended when finished.

  • Shake mat out after each use.

  • Hand washing is recommended.

  • Hang or lay flat to dry.